Baltic Amber


Baltic Amber Collections are exclusive to our site, designed by us, and released 4 times per year. Find them here!


Our 100% true Baltic Amber adult necklaces come in a variety of sizes ranging from 23” down to 18”. Our adult bracelets are all strung on elastic bands to insure comfort and a snug fit. Shop here for a wide range of colors, styles, and varieties in both Baltic Amber Adult Necklaces and Bracelets!


Our children’s collection includes preemie, baby/toddler, and kids sized necklaces. This is our largest variety of Baltic Amber Necklaces and Bracelets. Shop here to find every color, style, and variation you need for boys and girls from the tiniest of babes to your pre-teen!.



Our adult hazel wood is appropriate for tweens through adults. Shop here for our selection of Adult Hazelwood Necklaces and Bracelets!


Our Children’s hazel wood necklaces are appropriate for babys throughout childhood. Shop here for our selection of children’s Hazel wood Necklaces!

Organic Clothing

L'oved Baby™

We are so excited to be carrying the L’oved Baby line of gorgeous organic clothes. This is our premier clothing line and it will be updated seasonally with Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter prints. The basics collection will be available all year. Shop the collections now and show the world your L’oved Baby!

I Play™

The I Play collection is our economical organic essentials line. This line of clothing is adorable and comes in a lovely selection of cheerful colors. Staying true to our core belief that all babies deserve toxin free clothing, we offer this wonderful line at very affordable prices. Shop here for the entire I Play Organic clothing selection!

Our Promise

We promise to do the research so you don’t have to! We have all of the information for every company and product that we choose to carry. You should be able to find everything you could ever hope to know about these companies on our blog! We love to talk about the great people we work with! If you do have a question that you cannot find an answer to, please contact us!! If we do not have the answer right away, it gives us a great excuse to call and talk directly to our suppliers, which is something we love to do anyways.

Skin Care

Yorba Organics Baby

We cannot wait for you to try Yorba Organics all natural skin care products! From the earthy colors of their lotions and shampoos to the heavenly natural smells (no scents added!) you will never go back to using the same old products again! Your baby will love he smooth rich feeling of these products on their skin…and you will love knowing that you are putting something wonderful on your baby’s brand new skin! Shop Yorba Organics entire line for babies here!

Yorba Organics Family

Your whole family can fall in love with Yorba organics with a full line of skincare for your big kids, teens, and adults! Shop Yorba Organics entire line for your whole family here!


Every Yorba ingredient is ethically sourced, and sustainably wild-harvested. This ensures that only the purest and most organic natural ingredients are put into their products. Some are even unheard of and found in the most remote places on earth. We don’t trust organic ingredients in the pursuit of profit, but instead for the most effective products with high concentrations of beneficial ingredient...even if it means venturing through desert or jungle to find them.


Oral Care

We carry a selection of finger, silicone, infant, and toddler toothbrushes. Everything you need to keep those teeth squeaky clean! Shop all of our oral care products here!

Teething Care

You will find all of the safe and effective products you need to care for your sweetie as he or she goes through the tough stages of cutting in those gorgeous little teeth. From cooling rings, chubby gummy’s, nub teethers and more, shop all of our selection here!

Teething Category3

As baby gets older, it’s fun to be able to cut those teeth in and play at the same time! Everything in this collection is dual purpose; created for helping those teeth come through and also to be fun and entertaining! Shop all of our teething toys here!


Silicone Mommy Necklaces

You will love our stylish collection of Silicone Mommy Necklaces! Finally something you actually want to wear as an accessory that doubles as a safe and baby friendly item! Throw them in the fridge or freezer on a hot day to cool both you and baby off! Shop our entire collection here!


These gorgeous bibs have a hidden secret. They stop the game babies and toddlers LOVE to play while sitting in their highchair eating…the “drop everything on the floor and see how long until mom or dad picks it up for me” game! Besides the beautiful colors and double sided design, they also come with a snap loop that secures baby’s pacifier, teething toy, rattle, etc. to his or her bib! Shop this wonderful collection here!

Fun & Practical

There are just some things that we love to have and can simply make our lives easier as parents. Like a way to keep toys and sippy cups from being thrown out of strollers and littered all over town. Or a cute little cold compress that your little one loves to pull out of the freezer for all of those owies that happen all too often. Find all of these things and more here!