So…does my baby chew on it?

  • No! Baltic amber necklaces are not designed to be chewed on. If your baby puts the necklace in their mouth, please simply remove it. What typically happens is that babies completely forget their necklace is even there, because they are so light weight.

How does it work for teething if my baby does NOT chew on it?

  • The necklaces are effective when they are touching your child’s skin, preferably as close to the area affected by pain as possible. Baltic Amber contains high amounts of a compound known as succinic acid and is also very porous. The warmth of your baby’s skin heats the natural oils inside of the amber and allows the succinic acid to transfer from the Baltic Amber onto the skin.


Are baltic amber necklaces safe? 

  • Baltic Amber is completely safe and non toxic. It has been used as a natural remedy in Europe, for all kinds of ailments, for thousands of years.

How does a Baltic Amber Necklace work?

  • Baltic Amber from the Baltic region works because there are high levels of succinic acid in the earth where the Amber has been fossilized over thousands of years!

What is succinic acid?

  • Succinic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in the earth, and Baltic Amber (yay!), which has highly effective analgesic properties. Baltic Amber has between 8-10% succinic acid.

Does my baby have to wear his or her baltic amber necklace all the time?

  • No of course not! Please take your baby’s necklace off any time he or she is not being supervised (naps & bedtime included) and when your child takes a bath or goes in chlorine. Baltic Amber is, in fact, a resin and therefore is more delicate than a stone, jewel, or plastic would be.

How do I clean it?

  • Cleaning is quite simple. Please do not use any soaps, rough cleaning pads (like steel wool), or chemicals to clean your Baltic Amber! Simply rub the amber beads with a soft damp cloth to remove any dirt or food your child may have accidentally gotten on the jewelry. You may also rub a bit of olive oil into the beads to polish them if they start to look dull. Please be sure to wipe all of the excess oil from the necklace.

Where are they made?

  • Each one of our necklaces are hand made, in Lithuania, by a small family of artisans. Their family have been making Baltic Amber necklaces for many generations and they are experts at their craft. Individual beads are strung onto a silk thread with individual knots tied in between each bead. You can read more about this process, and how we make our necklaces, here.

How long will it last?

  • Your Baltic Amber necklace will last indefinitely, as long as it is well taken care of.

Can I “re charge” my baltic amber necklace in the sun?

  • Yes! Because the necklaces work by the oils inside being heated up, laying your necklace in a very warm windowsill our out in the sun will energize and get the oils moving! So when you put in on your little one, there will already be a good flow of oils moving out to his or her skin.

Does it matter what color I choose?

  • Nope! All of the Baltic Amber on our site has the same range of therapeutic qualities and properties.

At what age should my child start wearing their baltic amber necklace?

  • We do not have an age recommendation, necessarily. Instead we recommend you wait to put a necklace on your child until he or she has reached at least 13 pounds. This is when the safety features of the necklace, listed above, kick in.

Are there different sizes to choose from? 

  • Yes! We have many different sizes to choose from!
    • 11 inch – if your baby is a preemie or very petite, this size is for you!
    • 12.5-13 inch – this is the standard size that is acceptable for most babies to wear from 13lbs through their toddler and teething years.
    • 15 inch – once your pre-schooler out grows his or her necklace, but misses it terribly (you’d be amazed how attached they get to them!) it is time to graduate to the “kids size” necklace.
    • 18 inch – don’t forget about yourselves mom and dad! Baltic Amber is also great for adults! They alleviate headaches, migraines, muscular aches and pains, etc.
    • 20 inch – a great size for all the dads out there that need some relief too!
    • 22 inch – for the ladies who like their necklaces long! Or the dads who are a little thicker and want that necklace below the t-shirt line!

**Our Baltic Amber Necklaces are also available wholesale! Contact me here or email me at for more info!***


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