About Us

Welcome to our little shop! We are so happy you are here! We hope you take some time to look around, read a bit about the companies we work with, and products we choose to carry. Every single item in our shop has been carefully researched and specifically selected as a product we consider safe for our own babies, their future planet, and the skilled artisans that are creating them. We take the safety, health, and future of our children, your children, our planet, and those engaged in the workforce around the world, very seriously. Our hope is that you feel comfortable, safe, and confident in your purchases through our shop. We do extensive research into each item we carry…so you don’t have to! That means you get to spend more time cuddling and playing with your sweet babies and less time worrying if the clothes they wear and items they are surrounded with are safe.

This shop has been an expression of our family’s core values from the beginning. When our oldest daughter was born in 2009 I knew it was important to dress her in organic clothing, feed her only organic foods, and keep as many toxins and poisons, found in many infant and baby toys and products, out of her world. Unfortunately the reality of those choices added up to more than our budget could stand so we had to compromise. Although our family has now grown to include three amazing daughters, our core values and mission to keep our kids environment clean and healthy, has only deepened. A major goal of this shop is to make organic, safe, and sustainable items available and affordable for everybody and every baby; because every baby is worth it!

You can feel good about every purchase you make through our shop knowing that a portion of every sale is donated to our two favorite organizations Feed My Starving Children and World Vision International. We love working with these reputable companies on the front line of improving the lives of impoverished families around the world. Please click the links to read more about what these organizations stand for and what they are doing.

Feed My Starving Children: https://www.fmsc.org/get-involved/volunteer-now

World Vision International: http://www.wvi.org/

Thank you for visiting our store! We truly love to connect with each and every one of you in some way. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for specials, coupons, and flash deals! And you can always email us at onebabyluv@gmail.com with questions.